Rates/Digital Specifications:

Leaderboard: 728×90 pixels – $995 Per/Month
Poster Box: 300×250 pixels – $1,575 Per/Month
Barn Door: 300×600 pixels – $1,950 Per/Month

File Formats: GIF, JPEG, HTML, Flash, or other rich media accepted. If using rich media, see Rich Media Specifications below.

Animation, Looping: Animated GIFs are acceptable. No limits on looping.

Max animation length: 15 seconds
Initial File Size: 35 KB maximum
Maximum File Size: 100 KB maximum
URL: Please include a URL for your ad to link to.

For in-depth display guidelines, refer to this IAB Guide for the ad dimensions listed above: http://www.iab.net/guidelines/508676/508767/displayguidelines

Rich Media

Sustainable Oilfield LLC supports most rich media formats. Your creative must conform to the IAB Rich Media Guidelines published at http://www.iab.net/iab_products_and_industry_services/508676/508767/Rich_Media.

Formats Accepted: Will accept all formats for testing.

All Rich Media ads must be accompanied by a standard GIF for use as a fall-back for non-rich media enabled browsers.

For sponsorship or advertising information please email us at mark@sustainableoilfield.com

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